The Mystery of Blogging

I read a post yesterday from @ictevangelist encouraging everyone to write a blog, a concept that I have always pondered but never actioned, a concept that fills me with some trepidation. I know that the majority of the internet community are unlikely to read it, and of those that do, will probably discard it as “more ramblings” but nevertheless, a challenging concept. What’s more, less than twelve months ago, @hayleyearl, my very talented wife, began blogging her musings ( to some, allbeit still small, succcess. However, a few weeks ago I was told, during a professional conversation, by a person I have the upmost respect for, that I am outspoken and needed to consider my outlet. This morning, having pondered @ictevangelist’s post and advice on the web regarding blogging, that the publishing of a blog (publicly or privately) was both cathartic and rewarding, on the proviso that the content was appropriately edited or not published!

Other than a ‘more considered outlet’ I have also considered the purpose of the blog, a common point of note on blogging advice sites. Ninteen years ago I set sail on the sea of enlightenment, the maiden voyage of a career, I had done well at school, had decided not to attend university but train ‘on the job’ under Tony Blair’s New Modern Apprenticeship scheme. My training was all encompassing, from engineering and technical inspections of mechanical components through to accounting and financial management witin a multinational. Thirteen years later, an established career and a relatively successful career path set, everything appeared to be ready for the next step, parenthood, until the toll of redundancy took hold and I became another statistic on the unemployment reports of the recent financial turmoils.

The blog, and this story is not an outlet for self-pity nor an opportunity to criticise the international institutions who directly impacted my family’s social standings. It is a celebration of the consequences, for it is as a result of the redundancy that I became a volunteer at a local infant school, was quickly employed as an intervention Teaching Assistant, retrained and am just about to embark on my new career as a qualified teacher in a school that celebrates diversity across it’s entire community, pupils and teachers alike. All this was achieved through the support of an amazing teacher wife, who has given me two wonderful children in this time and a very supportive family. This blog aims to provide people like me opportunities to understand how industry and education are vastly different, although slowly beginning to intertwine and maybe selfishly, allow me to learn more from the sages of my new world.

As for my vociferous character, I promise to ‘reign it in’ but also hope that readers of my blog can empathise with my ramblings and offer advice to this new teacher with simple ideals.


4 thoughts on “The Mystery of Blogging

  1. Mark Anderson

    Welcome to blogging and for the mention. I hope you get as much out of it as I do although why you’d want to really is a Mister E 😝

    Have a great day!



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